How To Save Money On Purchasing Web Hosting From Cloudways?

For starting a blog you need two main components which are web hosting and domain name. this two forms the major part of the blog and are very essential to be best in order to make a professional and SEO friendly blog.

Why Selecting Good Web Hosting Is Important?

There should be taken care when you are purchasing the web hosting service for your blog as the beginners don't know that it is the most important part of a blog as it defines how the blog will function.

Web hosting consists of servers which keep the blog alive on the internet so if the web hosting is cheap then the servers will also be of low performance and will provide less speed to blog. 

Now, SEO ranking is the criteria from which a blog’s ranks is decided so to be on the top then the SEO ranking should be higher than other websites. There are many factors which affect the ranking like speed, performance, traffic, security, keyword, content, etc.

However, among these factors speed matters the most as everyone gives first priority to the speed of the blog for better user experience and who likes to wait for a website to load? So in order to make the blog fast then care should be taken while choosing the web hosting provider.

Why Beginners Use Cheap Web Hosting?

In the start, you don't have good knowledge of how web hosting plays an important role in the success of the blog and how SEO works. So they decide to use the cheap hosting because it is cheaper than premium hosting.

 But they don't realize the problem with cheap hosting until they start facing server down or slow page loading and they don't see any progress in the blog for a month. When they start to research about the blogging then they understand what mistake they have done and it wasted their so much time.

So to keep this in mind we have found and test one of the best web hosting providers which is Cloudways to help beginners from not making mistakes while starting their first blog. it is affordable and you also get a huge discount with the help of Cloudways promotional code for purchasing the hosting.

How To Save Money In Cloudways

Cloudways is the best and affordable premium web hosting for beginners as well as big bloggers. Cloudways offers various features and services which saves you a lot of money and you can get the best service within your budget.

  1. 1-Click Free SSL Certificate

If you are a beginner then you might not know what is SSL and why it is used then let me put light on it. There are two types of the protocol used to share data to server from website which is HTTP and HTTPS. Now in HTTP, there is no security of the user's data which is being sent to the server and it is possible that someone might steal the data on the other hand HTTPS ensures that the data is being sent in an encrypted file so that no one can access the data.

in the SEO point of view, HTTPS is given more priority than HTTP because it is more secure and gains the trust of users. So to get HTTPS domain you need to have an SSL certificate and this comes with a recurring yearly fee but in Cloudways it is given for free in the hosting plan.

  1. Unlimited Site Migration

Once your blog will start growing then you will have to move it to the higher server for getting more data limit and to keep the blog running properly and doing this requires a fee because the blog needs to be moved from old server to new server. Thanks to Cloudways because in its hosting plan there is no migration fee included means you can do unlimited migration of your blog without paying any penny.

  1. CloudwaysCDN

CloudwaysCDN service is a powerful service which enables you to make the data sending and receiving super fast across the globe. It is offered only in premium hosting as this service is expensive because there are many servers needs to be managed across the globe to reach each and every individual within seconds but in Cloudways you can set up this service within few minutes without any technician or technical knowledge.

  1. Breeze- Wordpress Cache Plugin

Breeze a simple yet powerful cache plugin for WordPress to offer better performance which is better than any other cache plugin which comes in WordPress plugin store. Breeze is completely cost-free and it is offered pre-installed in Cloudways hosting. 

  1. SSD Based Drives

There are two types of drives used in server, mostly HHD drives are used because it is cheaper but slower than SSD drives which is expensive. Only a few web hosting offers SSD storage space for best processing of data and to keep the blog running smooth.

  1. Active Community And Live Chat

If you come across any kind of problem or query then you have complete freedom to contact the support and the quickest method is to ask them on live chat or you can post your problem in the active community to get help from more like you.

As you can see from the above offerings you save a lot of money on these premium services which will help you to boost your blog ahead of others and make it more responsive and professional.  

Cloudways Promo Code

If still, you feel that the price is bit high then you can use the Cloudways discount promo code from this site to get a great discount on the purchase of any hosting plan from Cloudways. It is a great deal for everyone as you can't find this much offerings on other web hosting sites. It offers you to start with a great web hosting service so that you can be ahead of your competitors and avoid doing mistakes which everyone does when buying a web hosting service.


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